Carolina Improv - FAQWhat the heck is improv? – Improv (or improvisation) is a technique used for creating comedy and for re-learning life skills such as active listening, spontaneity and flexibility. Most people associate improv with Whose Line Is It Anyway? and our live shows are very similar. We also use improv for business training. In all forms of improvisation, the actors invent the dialogue and action as they perform. Because of the unpredictable nature of such a performance and the unexpected events that occur, improvisation lends itself naturally to comedy, and the specific term “improv” usually refers to a form of high-energy comic entertainment. It is also possible for improvised scenes to be emotionally dramatic, or experimental and non-narrative.

What exactly does Carolina Improv Company do? – Carolina Improv Company (CIC) develops and facilitates business training programs by applying improvisation techniques to relevant learning content. We also offer improv classes to adults, and improv comedy shows for the public at Uptown Theater in our Myrtle Beach location and offsite for private events. Our entertainment division also provides MCs, keynote speakers, murder mystery dinners and other team building activities for organizations.

Who will benefit (from business training)? – Anyone who serves or sells to external and internal customers/clients, including executives, managers, attorneys, doctors, agile specialists, front line staff, supervisors and sales staff. Basically, EVERYBODY!

How does it (training) work? – We meet with you to determine your objectives/goals and create a session(s) to meet those objectives/goals and apply improvisation techniques to reinforce team building and relevant learning through laughter and fun. Our team will come to a location of your choice to facilitate the program. The overall program will depend on your goals; some programs are entirely improv-based while other programs combine traditional learning content with digital presentations and improv-based exercises.  We encourage all attendees to participate together in the programs, even if pushed to do so reluctantly.

What are the fees for training and how long are the sessions? – Fees depend on the overall needs/objectives of the clients in addition to duration of program and number of participants. Programs typically run in increments of 1/2 day and full day sessions.

Does everyone have to participate in the interactive exercises? We have some employees who will be completely resistant to this type of traing. – This is not new to us. Typically about 1 – 2% of participants in our sessions will resist our interactive experience and we love the challenge. We don’t force anyone to participate. Instead we do everything possible to create a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment that ultimately leads to full participation. Peer pressure also plays into account – the group becomes very bonded in the process and the resistant ones don’t want to look like “party poopers.” The most resistant participants usually give us rave reviews on our evaluations, stating that the training wasn’t as scary as they thought it would be.

What industries does CIC specialize in? – We create programs for all industries based on company objectives and goals. Need to improve employee morale, increase revenue, enhance customer service, empower emerging leaders? No matter what your industry, we can create the right program for you? Our current clients’ industries include:

  • Hospitality & Tourism – Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions & Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Health/Medical
  • Non-Profit/Associations
  • Construction/Housing
  • Higher/Vocational Education
  • Agile/IT

How can we apply CIC Training in our business? – Our applied improve programs are appropriate for 10 – 200+ people at your office, location of your choosing for the following events and occasions:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Annual Meetings
  • Conference Break-Out Sessions
  • Health / Wellness Events
  • Retreats
  • Brainstorming / Ideation Sessions
  • Brown Bag Lunches
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Fill in the _________________________

Where is Carolina Improv Company located? 
We have two offices – one in Chicago (3600 N. Lake Shore Drive) and one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (10177 N. Kings Highway). Our Myrtle Beach location also has a 75-seat theater, providing improv comedy shows and classes at Uptown Theater. Carolina Improv Company continues to rank #1 on TripAdvisor for nightlife attractions in Myrtle Beach.

What is your teaching philosophy?
CIC does not strive to make you a funny person and will teach you the fundamental and advanced skills of improvisation, making it easier for you to engage in the scene and relationships on stage. As improv becomes easier, you will create more honest and truthful work, and comedy will be the inevitable (and hilarious) by-product. Our approach is very demanding of the student. We tell you what you need to know in order to improve, with no sugar coating. Otherwise, there is little or no growth for the performer, and we would rather not waste your time or money. You will see a change in the way you look at the world; if you’re not ready for that, you can take a pottery class.

How can I ask you more questions?
Send an email to