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Improv Training is not just for comics and actors! It’s for anyone seeking personal and professional development to be a better co-worker, leader, friend, spouse or overall person!  By teaching the fundamental and advanced skills of improv, we make it easier for people to engage in training and in relationships on stage and in life.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who serves or sells to external and internal customers/clients, including executives, managers, attorneys, doctors, agile specialists, front line staff, supervisors and sales staff. Basically, EVERYBODY!

How It Works

We meet with you to determine your objectives/goals and create a session(s) to meet those objectives/goals and apply improvisation techniques to reinforce team building and relevant learning through laughter and fun. Our team will come to a location of your choice to facilitate the program. The overall program will depend on your goals; some programs are entirely improv-based while other programs combine traditional learning content with digital presentations and improv-based exercises.  We encourage all attendees to participate together in the programs, even if pushed to do so reluctantly.

Applications & Opportunities

Our applied improve programs are appropriate for 10 – 200+ people at your office, location of your choosing for the following events and occasions:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Annual Meetings
  • Conference Break-Out Sessions
  • Health / Wellness Events
  • Retreats
  • Brainstorming / Ideation Sessions
  • Brown Bag Lunches
  • Keynote Speeches
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Our Approach

We encourage people relax, have fun, support each other and to try NOT to be “funny”. As the art of improvisation becomes easier people become more confident and comfortable in social situations, work situations and on stage in front of an audience. Life and relationships are often funny and humor is the by-product of improv-based training. Our style of facilitation and training is one of non-judgment, acceptance of ideas, encouragement and team approach. We know that many employees will be resistant to this form of training and by the end of every session 99% will buy into our approach once they see that our role is to lift them up and not bring them down.

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